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Pixel is back!! Yes guys, we are here again! The II PIXEL CHALLENGE has started and this time it’s called #PixelPhotoPeople. We are so happy because there are loads of participants and the level of the photographs is so high as always! We’ll be again in trouble when we have to decide the winner…but you know Pixel likes challenges.

It’s too easy to participate in this challenge. We explain you how we’ll have fun this time:

People. You can post a photo with one people, two people, a group of people, little people, big people, people jumping, walking, colour photos or using black and white …It’s up to you. Be free!


From Monday 17th of March until Sunday 23th of March.

Follow our Instagram @pixel_com and put the #PixelPhotoPeople tag. You can do repost and you can also post current or old photos, as you prefer.

The best photo will receive an award!!
We’ll give you clues and stand out our favourite photos during the challenge and this way you’ll be able to guess the winner and the award. You can share the challenge with your friends, sharing is living!!
Cheer up Instagramers!! @pixel_com

We’ll give you clues every day. Here you can read the first ones:
1st clue: a VERY PERSONAL award.
2nd clue: an ARTISTIC award.

What are you waiting for? Take your mobile phone and look for the best people photo!

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