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After revealing the finalists, our Instagram followers voted to decide the winner. It was exciting because one photo seemed to be the winner and suddenly another one got more votes and fought for the first position.
The votings have finished and here is the moment we were expecting…The moment to say the winner!!!! And the winner is………..the brilliant @laubcn78 with more than 40 votes!!!!!!

Ganadora PixelPhotoPeople
Extraordinary black and white picture with the title “On the road”. This is one of the brilliant photos you can find in her Instagram profile:
Enter and you’ll discover a wonderful variety of photos: urban, natural, with powerful colours or elegant black and white…Good job Laura!
Congratulations and thank you for giving us the pleasure of seeing such a fantastic photo. We’ll be waiting for you and for the other talented participants in the next challenges!!

Take care guys!!!

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