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Hi pixels! We’re here again with exciting news to tell you!
Today we want to talk about our pioneer augmented reality project! The Pixel team have created the unique factory tour guide that uses augmented reality in the country. We’re so happy with the result and that’s why we want to show you how it looks like and explain all details.

What is Augmented Reality?
Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that allows you to add virtual content to the real world. You can observe it using a smartphone, a computer or a tablet and it offers you a lot more information than you would have with only physical perception. For example: if you take your mobile phone and put it in front of a paper with a house drawing on it, you can immediately see a 3D representation of it with more information about every room, videos that show you the decoration of each corner…

The beginning of the Augmented Reality project
Metalogenia is a renowned company that offers earth moving machinery and has always been known for its strong commitment to innovation, that is clearly expressed with its claim “No limits innovation”. This modern and innovative spirit pushed us to develop a tool that would achieve a groundbreaking interactive tour guide experience in one of Metalogenia’s factories.
“In MTG we are very satisfied with the app MTG Tour Guide as it is functional not only from the point of view of providing a guided tour, but it is also innovative, pioneering and surprises our customers with the use of new technologies such as Augmented Reality. All this helps us to strengthen fundamental values of the MTG brand such as innovation and the quality of our products” says Judith Berruezo, responsible for Online & Digital Communications of MTG.


Which contents can we find in the app?
Visitors will be able to see the factory procedures even if it is not in operation. With their iPad, they will bring machines and tools to life, which will start working to show their performance to all users.
As you can see on the pictures, there’s nothing lacking in the tour guide: there are 3D drawings of the plant to orientate users inside the factory and make them understand where the different procedures take place, it also contains different computer animations that show and explain multiple methods and help buttons that will solve user’s doubts.

DSC_0708 copia

The modern and careful design of the app, that follows the brand corporate guidelines and expresses innovation as its main value, gives a profesional and high quality finishing touch that makes this tour guide a rewarding experience.

We hope you liked this project. See you soon; we will have more interesting Pixel news!!


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