We are not scared to show our face. On the contrary, we are proud to say that we are an advertising agency, a multidisciplinary graphic design agency, young, close up and with a renowned experience.

  • Jordi MoyaJordi Moya
    Founder & CCO
  • Eduard RamosEduard Ramos
    Founder & CCO
  • xaviXavi Pagès
    Graphic Design
  • mariaMaria Zubiaur
  • javiJavier Flaqué
  • img_equipoRamses Gasull

We could say we are a multidisciplinary advertising and graphic design agency; we are young and close up and personal, with a renowned and qualified experience in the advertising sector. We could also tell you that, since 2008, we are located in Premià de Mar (Maresme) offering integral solutions in the communication domain. We could add that we do it because we love it, because we are professionals, because we deal with every project as a new challenge, as a special task and with passion.

We could go further and add that we do not settle by being just another piece of the mechanism, a marketing tool that helps sell a product or position an idea, but we dig deeper and work to provide added value to every project. We could write that we acknowledge that every project has different necessities, for that reason, after observing and studying them; we find the best way to solve them and achieve the desired objectives.

But, of course… What do you expect from an agency presentation? Words are easy to write, we know, for that reason, we invite to put us to the test and discover us. It is the only way to demonstrate that behind this presentation there is a group of professionals ready to take on any challenge that you have in mind.

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