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Spicy ‘Pixel’ Ceviche

If you want your strenght to grow up, there’s nothing better than a great amount of spicy ‘chile’. Keep reading and you’ll find our tastiest secret!


- A grated clove of garlic
- A round tomatoe
- 500g. of langoustines
- Minced coriander (one spoon)
- Grated ginger (one little spoon)
- A pinch of sugar
- Salt
- 1 white onion
- 1 red onion
- 100gr of cherry tomatoes
- 1 spicy ‘chile’
- Lemon juice
- Orange juice


This is a fresh and spicy meal. Actually, you can decide how much spicy it is depending on the amount of chile you put. Moreover, it is a healthy recipe, with sea and mountain flavour. As natural as we are!

Firstly, clean the langoustines and whiten them in a pot with boiling and salted water. In 30 seconds the langoustines will be ready. Put them in a bowl with very cold water and, when they are cold,  strain them. We finished the first part.

Grate the round tomatoe.

Now, cut the chile and put the amount you wish. You will mince one bit, removing the seeds. Keep the other bit with its seeds and cut them in very thin slices. As we do in Pixel, you have to adapt your recipe to your dinner guests! Finally, cut the onions in thin slices.

Every step is important, but the appearance of your plate must be awesome. Ceviche needs a careful set up that strengthen the flavour of every ingredient, achieving a great total experience. That’s why we will put the tomatoe in a bowl, the ginger and the grated clove of garlic, a dose of lemon juice (as much as you want), and half the amount of this dose of orange juice. We will add the minced coriander, salt, sugar (if you wish) and the onions. Shake it, put it over the langoustines and skake it again.

The cherry tomatoes will be useful to decorate your plate…a fresh, tasty, healthy, energetic…and as much spicy as you want! We promise the result will make you stronger…almost as strong as if we continue joining our strength together to start every project with the same passion! Regardless of the difficulty!

Enjoy your meal!